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About Pet Nation

Welcome to Pet Nation. Pet Nation is South Africa’s leading pet directory. Listings are just R120 for 1 year. If you offer a pet related service or product make sure you add your listing to our database.

Now with just a few clicks you can easily find the perfect pet service, product or event right in your neighborhood.

Search for cat clubs, cat grooming, catteries, pet competitions, dog clubs, dog grooming, dog training, dog walking, dog kennels, pet artists, animal charities, pet cemetries, pet friendly accommodation, pet insurance, pet magazines and pet photography.

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It’s never been easier to find the service or product for any member of your fur-mily.

Search by service and location to get the business closest to you.

Get business contact details, social media accounts, opening hours, directions and customer reviews.

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Reach thousands of pet owners in South Africa!

If your business is not already listed in our database add your business listing now. Listing is just R120 per year.

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